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GET INVOLVED: Retirement Home Voting Oversight

South Dakota law says: 

12-19-9.1. Nursing facility, assisted living center, or hospital having multiple absentee ballot requests.

If there is any nursing facility, assisted living center, or hospital, as defined in § 34-12-1.1, within any county from which there might reasonably be expected to be five or more absentee applications, the county auditor shall notify the person in charge of that facility and the chair of the county central committee of each party and any other person who has filed a request to be notified of the date and time at which representatives of the auditor's office will be present to assist the residents of that facility to vote, utilizing the absentee procedure. Any political party, independent candidate, and nonpolitical candidate may assign a person to accompany the auditor's representatives. 

This means you have an opportunity to GET INVOLVED as the person that accompanies the auditor's representatives. 

Supervised retirement home voting in Minnehaha County begins Friday, September 30 and continues until October 24. 
- Fri. 9/30, morning or afternoon
- Wed. 10/5, morning
- Thur. 10/6, morning
- Fri. 10/7, afternoon
- Wed. 10/12, morning
- Thurs. 10/13, morning
- Mon. 10/17, morning or afternoon
- Tue. 10/18, afternoon
- Mon. 10/24, morning or afternoon

The person in charge of coordinating people to accompany the auditor's representatives is the County Chairwoman, Maggie Sutton. Maggie can be reached at If you would like to help out, please contact Maggie today. 

Leah for Minnehaha Auditor
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