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One of the greatest freedoms we have in this country is the opportunity to elect our leaders. That’s why I'm using my 29 years of accounting experience to run for Minnehaha County Auditor on a platform of Election Integrity. Many people know that our elections have been under attack on a national level. But not many people realize that we have issues with Election Integrity here in South Dakota and even in Minnehaha County. I'm running for County Auditor to preserve the sanctity of our right to vote and to ensure that our elections are transparent and secure. Sign up below to receive my email updates and to learn more about these important issues!

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Heritage Foundation gives South Dakota election laws an "F" because they are vague and open to wide interpretation or abuse. I will work with state and local officials to close the gaps in our statutes and protect our voting processes.


Our voter registration records contain an unacceptable level of inaccurate and out-dated information. I am committed to cleaning up our data and making sure real votes are cast by real people.


Our local and state leaders are moving further away from in-person, election day voting in favor of more and more ballots collected through uncontrolled methods such as unsupervised drop-boxes. I am against the use of drop boxes and I will work to maintain the integrity of the absentee ballot for legitimate, registered voters only.


Our state and local leaders are moving quickly to push more and more of our election processes out to the internet. Minnehaha County has increased their election year budget 75%, an additional $356,000, in order to add more technology to our voting systems. I will work to ensure the security of new technology so that our election processes can benefit from technology without exposing our processes to potential manipulation or fraud.


We need leaders who will protect our elections rather than ignore credible threats to election security. We need leaders who will dialog and work with voters regarding their concerns about Election Integrity. I will explore all potential threats to the integrity of our elections and I will keep open, transparent and honest communication with all of the voters in Minnehaha County.


Online organizations need security to protect their data and their customers data. Billion dollar corporations are paying million dollar ransoms to hackers because they can't protect their networks. Yet the internet network used by our county to transact business has less security than an average online retailer. I'm committed to closing these gaps and protecting our county networks, especially voter information, from cyber crime and hacking. 


One of the greatest things about our community is the values of our people. We need these same values in our elected officials now more than ever. I believe it takes more than a high-powered resume to serve in a political office. I believe it also takes honesty and integrity and the courage to stand up and do the right thing. So I'm asking for the chance to serve you the way that an elected leader should!

Leah for Minnehaha Auditor
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